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Monday Start

Published: Monday, November 13, 2023

I pushed off work that I was going to do this weekend (prepping for the upcoming week). Instead, I fiddled around with some improvements to my writing workflow, watched two movies with my son for his film genre class, and got in a couple of naps. This morning, I took on the task of IT administrator to set up a printer that was giving someone issues. But not before I finished my devotional time.

My Monday routine is getting off to a different start and that’s ok.

Starting actually on Monday

Upon reflection, my routine should not have been a Monday Start, but rather a Week Prep. Nothing wrong with that, I guess. I was doing:

  • Calendar updates for the week
  • Status reports for the previous week
  • Catching up on some to do lists
  • Researching work to be done and documenting the “What did I miss throughout the week?” moments

So what changed? I realized that more effort outside of the regular schedule may produce more results, but then that is the expected normal from others. It hit me that my standards can still be met with high quality, it is just that I will not necessarily move at a pace that people are accustomed to. I am going to reshape my Monday Start to actually be on that day. What a novel idea! I am going to change a couple of expectations:

  • Look out 3 weeks on Calendars and block off time ahead of the crazy meeting madness. I do some of this but sometimes not very effective
  • Status reporting - Continue to improve daily updates throughout the week
  • Get a better workday close routine that does incremental maintenance on the to do list items
  • Start Monday’s with a block off for the beginning of the day for better planning

Off to start the week!