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About Tribal Thirst

Published: Sunday, June 1, 2014

I love to share what I learn everyday with others.  This has become evident in the work I do. Listed below are ways that I apply my creativity to the job world, although work is 4th on my priority list.  I focus my time on my beautiful family, continuing my relationship with Jesus, and adding in hobbies such as photography to round me out.

Software Architecture – Throughout my career, I have been responsible for solving business requirements through software and systems. Most of my experience has been architecting solutions with Microsoft products to provide high quality, stable and maintainable solutions. My experience comes from a hands on approach to software, providing proof of concepts to validate the design.

Problem Solving – Identifying problems at the root cause level is my strength. From this analysis, I have been able to accurately provide the appropriate analysis needed to solve the problem. In order to solve the problem correctly, I look at the “big picture” and am able to adjust the solution based upon the real world requirements.

Wearing many other hats – I have been in multiple positions that have given me a rare insight to the world of software and information technology. From a training perspective, I was able to understand how software affects the user. From a developer’s perspective, I understand the value of proper scope and testability. From a manager’s perspective, I have had the insight necessary to complete projects on time with a high quality level. These are just a few of many skills that I can bring to the table that would be of value to any organization.