Your Life is an Artistic Masterpiece

Published: Sunday, November 8, 2015

God has given you all the tools to create your masterpiece. By the choices you have made so far and by the decisions of the future a masterpiece will be produced. It may be a precision sculpture, or an abstract painting, or even an epic that chronicles your life. The cool things about masterpieces is that they are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated. They capture emotion, display truth, and create impressions on those who view your masterpiece.

Chihuly Glass - a masterpiece in color

40+ years have now went by for me and I am just now starting to realize that my masterpiece in this life is well underway. There are areas in which I wish were not part of this great work and other areas that sing of my aspirations. It is time to fully place the ability to create this masterpiece at the front of everything that I do.

Masterpieces take work

Ask the creator of any masterpiece what the creation was like, and I am sure that they will tell you it is a lot of hard work. One could argue that if the “masterpiece” comes easy, most likely it is a fraud, a mere shell of what truly can be accomplished. There is a reason you hear the statement that in order to become an expert or a master of something at least 10,000 hours of sweat equity will be involved. Isn’t it great that in our lifetime, we will probably have over 500,000 hours in which to perfect our masterpiece.

Masterpieces are unique

Your masterpiece is truly one of a kind. There are no such things as flaws, they are merely part of the intricate design. When you think about it, we are all God’s masterpieces and every person since the beginning of time is truly unique. Your life choices are drawn on the canvas or added to the harmony of the music. Each one adds the character and beauty required for a masterpiece.

Masterpieces can be influenced by others

Artists are always finding inspiration to add to their work. It may come in the form of people, nature, a word, or even a thought from a specific memory. You will find people only your life journey, who will influence your choices and behaviors, some providing big bold strokes, others with a delicate and nuanced line. It will still be up to you how much you factor others into your masterpiece. Since you are the one crafting this work, be conscientious who or what you are influenced by.

With a lifetime to build a masterpiece, you will combine the mistakes with the successes. The amalgamation of this glorious work is exactly what God has planned for your life. It is so amazing that others may also look at your masterpiece and be inspired themselves. What will you add to your amazing work that you can share and intentionally give to others?