Work is what you make it - 10 observations

Published: Friday, June 27, 2014

My great-grandfather. I was told he had an amazing work ethic

I was really looking forward to a breakfast talk about work and worship in downtown Seattle.   The cogs of the work engine were grinding and a pleasant change of pace where I could soak in information was just what I needed.  I am glad I wasn’t disappointed. Here are 10 key notes in no particular order from that talk:

  1. Very few people ever get to work in what they are truly passionate about.  Since this is the case, make sure that your motivation is not based upon your passion, but rather values and ethics.
  2. Setting a proper context in any conversation is crucial.  It is also very difficult.  Become practiced in storytelling and the art of setting a stage presence.  This will lead to much better communication.
  3. Develop your creative practice.  It is important that you are open minded and can take in the collective opinions from culture.  This will help you to innovate and thrive.
  4. Do everything you do as an offering. Do not work for selfish reasons as this work will leave you with a deficit
  5. Don’t retreat from your creativity in work.  As you retreat, you may leave something very valuable behind.
  6. Leaders, commit to your employees.  It is your obligation to go to the mountaintop or charge the fortress with them.  Don’t be passive.
  7. Change happens from the inside.  The key thought here is it is a change in personal perspective.  When you don’t feel like changing look inward and discover why not.
  8. Make sure your work is a slow - steady - obedient practice.  This will help to avoid the “short term” gains for the long term sacrifice.
  9. Our goal is to find the highest impact work for others.  It raises quality, respect and appreciation across the whole team.
  10. There is a healthy tension between work and motivation.  Motivation should win most of the time, when it doesn’t find something to be motivated about.