What are the Treasures You Value

Published: Monday, August 15, 2016

It is a pretty true statement of what your treasures are, so you heart and mind are. I am personally not one to have lavish goods, however, there are days when I wish for them to be like others, to entertain for selfish reasons, or to just show that I made it. These are all selfish interests.

My Personal Treasures

  • Family. I consider my family a treasure that the Lord has given to me which is precious and that I want to care for diligently. My family is growing up, my children are becoming independent.  I cherish walks with my wife.  I couldn’t have said that 10 years ago.  This is because I am investing in the relationship, and seeing the fruits of that investment.
  • Knowledge and learning are other treasures as long as I can give them away.  What good does it do me if I learn but don’t share.  I am now starting to see mentoring opportunities everywhere.  Solomon, the wisest man, became that way because he asked for it.
  • Doing for others just to see a smile, a hint of gratitude, or smidge of happiness. The more I live by example in humility, letting God be in control, and letting go, the more I will let His light shine for others to find the way. These are the riches on earth that everyone can get a hold of.

We only have so many days allotted to us. I don’t know when that number starts to take a serious meaning, it is different for everyone. Our mortality in this life is a reminder that we need to spend each day focused on eternity and the gift of love and life that Jesus has bestowed on each of us.