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We are all given a gift

Published: Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Father's day 2010 - MoPop with the two most precious gifts

Have you ever received a gift and never use it? You know which one, I am sure it could be the Bob Ross grilled cheese maker, or the deep pine scented soap with tar for that extra outdoor feeling. Maybe it is the clothes that were 3 sizes too big, or 4 sizes too small. It may be the one created by your child that needs pinned on your sweater.

Do you even remember your gifts from last Christmas, Father’s day or your birthday? If you remember them, it is probably more about the memory associated than the gift itself. The giver of the gift usually is well intentioned and hopes that you will cherish them. The gifts I appreciate the most are ones that:

  • Add wisdom
  • Help me grow
  • Connected to who I am as a person
  • From my family
  • Can be shared
"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above" - James 1:17

I receive good gifts from the Father. Sometimes I see them as such, sometimes I don’t, but God knows the perfect gifts for me and my growth. I often know that the best gifts given to me are not the ones that I appreciate in the short term, but cherish them as time goes on.

The Word for example has been the perfect gift from God. I have let it sit on the shelf for many years, not cherishing it’s true value. More importantly by not using the gift, I have robbed others of value that I learned from it.

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