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Shallow - You Know There is a Deep End

Published: Monday, November 6, 2017

I am convicted as I write about being shallow.  There are so many areas of my life, where skimming the surface wading into the issue ankle deep is comfortable.  My contributions in work suffer from superficial dedication to solving the problem.  I pretend to listen deeply, but treat all the words as white noise on the outer edge, while getting my thoughts ready for the next rebuttal.  I use shallowness to play ignorant or feign a lack of expertise about subjects.  My roots aren’t firm and my convictions blow away at the slightest turmoil.

Removing shallowness in my Christian walk

This is a personal reflection on how I can improve some of the shallow areas, but I hope that you may benefit:

  • I must make time to pray.  How many of us get even 15 minutes of uninterrupted fellowship with God? If I look at a typical day and take 16 hours away for working and sleeping, 8 hours remain.
  • Bible study must be consistent.  I am wishy-washy when it comes to spending time knowing God’s word.  I hear the sermons on Sunday, catch up on some podcast sermons throughout the week, but only do spurts of serious meditation on God’s word.  I am ill equipped when it comes to having the full armor of God at my disposal to fight for me and to protect me.
  • I must build on relationships.  I don’t call many people friends, or even acquaintances.  I will engage in only the most high level conversations when it comes to personal issues.  I struggle with men’s groups.  The list can go on.  Relationships hold us accountable, show empathy when one is hurting, and companionship to carry on the gospel message.

Going deeper in these areas takes commitment and a choice to be disciplined.  I was thinking about how no one really ever finds treasures in the shallow places, but rather buried in the deep crevices where few dare to go.

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