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My Current Communications Response Matrix

Published: Thursday, January 21, 2016

Here is a current list on how I think when it comes to responding in various communications mediums.

Communications MediumMinimum Response TimeMaximum Response TimeExceptionsEscalation Path
Work Email1 Business Day3 Business DaysUrgent Emails will be handled first in the list. In addition, I will give higher priority to my management for response.Call me or come to my office and interrupt
Personal Email1 Day5 DaysUrgent emails and my immediate family emails are handled firstPhone Call
Text messaging10 minutesNoneNo ExceptionsPhone Call
PhoneImmediateVoicemail Response (Same day)If your voicemail doesn't require a response, there may be none until I talk to you.Call until you get me. Or find me in person.
FacebookNoneNoneI will get to your message when I get to it. Don't expect me to read your feed and know everything that is going into it.N/A
TwitterNoneNoneNo Exceptions (It is a stream of information for consumption)N/A
YammerNone5 Business DaysI process on Yammer weekly, but may look at it every day.   If you need a response from me in less than a week, you might try another mediumN/A
Team RoomsImmediate5 Business DaysIf I am in the team room, I will respond immediately.   Otherwise, I will review weekly.N/A
Skype for BusinessSame DayN/AIf I miss the conversation, it will go to my email.   At that point work email rules apply.
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