Published: Monday, August 3, 2020

I hope my kids have good things to say

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been examining how I have been parenting. I have been watching what others say about how they are parenting.

I am seeing others begin their parenting journey. I am reflecting on how my mother and father have raised me.


I was inspired by late nights of a camping trip, where my son said “The best time of the trip was reading to his parents.” I was inspired to hear that a new co-worker stated that his time with his children is the priority. I was inspired by the announcement of another co-workers firstborn which was well thought out, humorous, and loving. I was inspired by a couple of late night conversations at the couch of my father’s house.


Parenting is a journey. I realize that I have been very haphazard in that approach. I didn’t really even ask how to be a better father. Sure, I gleaned information here or there. I picked up some warning signs. I learned from my experience as a child. I continuously learn from my mistakes in raising my children today.

My advice: Seek council. Seek understanding. Be wise with your children.

I have had a master reference in my life that I have all but ignored for a long while when it comes to being a parent. Personally, I am looking at my loving Father as my guide to being a better father. Even if you don’t share my beliefs, read some of the great stories and wisdom in the Bible. You will be amazed at the practicality and insights you can receive. Here are some examples:

  • John 3:16 - God saves the world through his son. You may say wait, He allowed his son to die. While that is true, God gives the world a chance for salvation if they just understand the love that it took for this to happen. This is why those that believe are called sons and daughters of God.
  • 2 Samuel 13-18 - David’s love for his son Absalom. It is truly a lesson that shows the love a father had for his son. Many people would say that as a parent, it is this type of moment that they dread. A time when the child is in rebellion with their parents.
  • Proverbs - Lessons on wisdom. Teach a child in the way they should go. Proverbs records life truths that we can impart to our children. I wish that I had started earlier understanding the importance of transferring wisdom to my children. Thank you dad in those moments where I glean that wisdom.