One Question You Should Ask Before Making A Decision

Published: Monday, February 1, 2016

Spending the time to answer this question before any decision can't hurt.

When I heard this question asked by Andy Stanley, I wasn’t prepared for how much this question would infiltrate my thoughts and decisions. The question is becoming one that I am thinking about each time and saying where appropriate. Are you ready to internalize this question?

Andy Stanley put the question in the form of “What would a great leader do?” Replace the word leader with:

  • Employee
  • Friend
  • Husband / Wife
  • Parent
  • And the list goes on:

Maybe you have uncovered the power of this great question, “What would a great (Fill in the Blank) do?” If so, you probably already know the value. For those of you just discovering this question, let me share my thoughts:

  • It takes the personal out of the decision. No longer is the decision one that is just personal, it has now expanded to one that broadens the impact. Ask this question when you feel like all the weight is on you.

What would my manager do?

  • We are maximizing what others have done before us. Think about the shoulders we could stand on, utilizing the wisdom of people who have made decisions like the ones we are about to make. Through discovery, we can go confidently towards are next action.

What would my parents do?

  • The decision will not just be for the immediate. We can be confident that by asking what other great people have done, it will be anchored. Think about it, if you remember what the great person decided, it is almost guaranteed it has been long lasting.

What would Jesus do?

Practical application

  • Before sending out the email with a decision, ask what a great leader would do?
  • Before discussing conflict with a co-worker, ask what a great communicator would do?
  • Before having a finance discussion on bills, ask what a great steward would do?

This question has already had a dramatic impact on my day to day decisions. I will continue to seek what the great people in my life would do so I can make better decisions for those around me.