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Not AI

Published: Sunday, November 26, 2023

Over the last few days, I have been using image creation tools and experimenting with augmenting my posts. In general, it has been mostly figuring out how to accurate ask the correct prompts to get to an acceptable output. In my prompts, I was asking to produce pictures that represent emotional qualities or other sensory nuances. Most of these drastically failed.

God's beauty on an early morning invigorates all senses

What matters is the experience

Awe hit me on the morning of the picture, just like it does throughout my days. Artificial intelligence is just that artificial. It can’t replace the few moments in the following areas:

  • Sight - Moment by moment I saw a new tapestry
  • Touch - The phone was cooled, the air penetrated my fingers, and the sun started to penetrate rays of warmth
  • Hearing - The migrating geese echoed in the distance. A train announced the imminent crossing of the roadway
  • Smell - The pungent leftovers of the farmer’s field wafted in the cold morning
  • Taste - A sip of my coffee in the crisp outdoors topped it all off

God creates experiences each second which cannot be replicated by AI. His beauty is the real deal. In addition, emotions infiltrate into the soul.

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