Network Traits I Am Building

Published: Sunday, November 22, 2015

The railways remind me of one of the most intricate networks that built our country. There is a lot we can learn from the planning that went into it.

My network is personal. I intentionally look for the right people to succeed with me. They are people of integrity, high value, and share in the passions of my heart. The work ahead is embraced with perseverance by these leaders of many and servants of all. Grace and mercy is shared freely every day with others who don’t deserve it. It is with great humbleness that I look for my betters, that I engage with scholars, and that I labor with the journeymen who share my dream.

Are you one of these people?

Keys to finding the right people for your network

As a mentor to several individuals, I reflect on what advice I should give to them about building a great network. Here are some items to think through as you are looking to build that network.

  • Don’t settle. From the start determine what traits are important to you. They may be the same behaviors and qualities as above, but also make sure that they just aren’t surface level.
  • Take time to judge the character of an individual. Trust but verify, give grace in mistakes, and most importantly envision yourself making decisions in their shoes.
  • Quality over quantity always wins. It is not how many people that are in your network, but who is representing you in your network of friends. I am not talking social media as those people while important are not your network of advisors, confidants and friends.
  • Build for the future. Expand your network in areas where you are uncomfortable. This will lead to a greater growth and opportunity for you to serve others in a humble fashion.

Your network should serve a twofold purpose. First, it should be the place where you pour your servants heart into. It will be where your biggest memories and brightest moments of humanity live. Second, it is the place where you can turn to, ask advice, and seek wise counsel. Network building should be intentional. What are you doing to get started today?