Move Toward Your Dream

Published: Monday, November 23, 2015

Ready? Set? Go!

To get to finish, you first need to start! More importantly, keep going!

I look at each day that I get up as a leg in a race that goes on and on. Hopefully each day ends in the dial being moved towards my dream. Some days I make great progress and I feel like I am running on air, some days it is more like pulling myself out of the mud. Then there are the days where I stand still. These are the days that I regret the most.

You see, I regret the days where I am a bump on a log because I have wasted time that I will never get back. The changes that I could have made are pushed out or have become unreachable because the moment has passed. These are the days of oppression and depression, not obsession and passion.

How to move forward

Here are four ways to get your body, mind, and soul unstuck from moving toward your dream:

  • Exercise - I must admit, this is one area of weakness lately for me, but I do know that each time I exercise I feel refreshed. Exercise gets the juices flowing, momentum starts, and accomplishment happens. Throughout the day your body will react positively to the stimulus of exercise.
  • Read - Read everything. Not only what is relevant to your problem solving, but rather fill your mind with the knowledge shared by others. Take the data and use it to formulate your ideas. Reading will boost creativity, deepen your subject matter expertise, and improve your thinking skills. Reading adds to your vocabulary, which improves your communication skills, which allows you to share with others your dream.
  • Rest - Know when to slow down. Runners and athletes know that you can only push muscles so far before you have to cool down. Sleeping adequate amounts (not less than 6 hours) will improve your stamina for those hard days.
  • Make a List - Write down all the things you are stuck on. Write down all the things that are going well.  Write down the negative. Get it out of your mind and on paper. Throw away the negative stuff, review the positive, and focus on the top item you are stuck on.

Remember, you have big dreams and seemingly impossible goals that you are tackling. Move a small step in the right direction and will get you closer to achieving that dream. Don’t get stuck on the insignificant, and if you do, figure out what will get you going towards significance quickly.