Leaders Create A Harbor

Published: Sunday, June 1, 2014

Friday Harbor - With a set of rainbows!

The storms of work are always around us and can flare up at any time from any direction. In our jobs, hopefully there are sunny warm days with only a few scattered showers. Every so often though we hear the call for “man overboard” or feel the waves filled with pressure crashing in on us. We become overwhelmed, distraught, anxious, and stressed over our work situation. It is times like this when we need our leaders to create a safe harbor for us to reside in.

Here are some of the key elements of what that safe harbor provides:


Harbors keep away the winds and create a calm of the surroundings. Great Leaders do this by creating a shield for their followers and let them know that they can anchor themselves in a safe environment. The harbor becomes a shared culture where others can also rest on the team. It takes way the anxiousness and stress.


When a leader creates a safe harbor, they are providing an access point for their followers. Strong leaders allow their followers to access the inner circle of the Leader’s vision and direction. The leader communicates and shares in ways that entices and encourages vulnerability and transparency. Because this is a safe accessibility point, followers will feel comfortable and content.

A Fortress

Harbors are a fortress from the storm. It allows us to have a strong standing. We shouldn’t be prideful, but rather assured that we have compassionate and empathetic listening leaders. The leader should also be strong for us. They should lead by example and be an advocate when we can’t be there to advocate for ourselves. If they don’t sponsor you, security will be lacking.

Leaders must commit to their followers. If you work for a leader that doesn’t commit and believe, you may be following or working for the wrong leaders.