How I Communicate With Myself

Published: Monday, May 2, 2016

Throughout my life, I have heard that it was ok to talk to yourself as long as you didn’t answer back.  People might think you are crazy or something.  Well I must be crazy.  Not only to I talk to myself, I can carry on quite a back and forth conversation.  I suppose that I could just find Harvey hopping around and have the conversation with him. I might get a totally different perspective.  I don’t just talk to myself though, I also leave sticky notes and take a mirage of whiteboard pictures of scribblings only I understand.  I even send myself emails from myself to remind myself to do something for myself.  Kind of chaotic huh.

The front of one of my daughter's journals. Love her artwork and creativity.

I also try to do a daily recap of my day in a journal format. To be clear, most of the information on the virtual page is just work related.  I have a structure with a freeform placeholder at the end.  Also, I recap my previous day in the morning of the next day to put down on paper the ideas that have been percolating while sleeping.  When I do it consistently, I feel refreshed at the start of the day, ready to capture the moments ahead and bend them to my will.  When I don’t journal, I am often missing elements, forgetting tasks, or randomizing myself on the not important and not urgent quadrant of life.

What do I journal about

I have kind of a format that I took from Michael Hyatt’s journal template.  It also has flavors of J.D. Meier’s Getting Agile Results.  Here are core elements and why I choose to capture them.

  • What win’s did I accomplish yesterday?  I often need to be reminded on what was productive the day before.  Each win is a gratitude moment, because it is something that was accomplished.
  • What did I learn yesterday? I have a goal to learn 3 new things every day.  They don’t have to be big, shareable, or even related to the core things I do.  When I learn these ideas, I try to share as freely as possible so that others may benefit.
  • What is one thing I must accomplish today?  I need to set out on that task with vigor, urgency and focus.  The sense of the win in the day is so critical to keep pushing forward.
  • Freestyle - I jot down whatever comes to mind for about 5 minutes.  It is in these moments when inspiration hits, weights are lifted, and the innovation occurs.  Sometimes the 5 minutes turns into 30, but that is ok.  I need that time.

Take the time to journal and write something every day if possible.  Here is a link to an inspiring podcast about one person’s realm into journaling.