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Published: Sunday, December 3, 2023

Tis the season to be … hopeless? That unfortunately is a reality. Circumstances, situations, and life happens past and present can take a toll on people. The outward smiles are in full effect, but underneath is sorrow, pain, loneliness, or bitterness. Sometimes Mr. Scrooge looks to be living a charmed life. Depression consumes, happiness turns stomachs, and confidence is at an all time low. This may be you, the person in the cubicle next you, or the family in the checkout line spending on the essentials while seeing gifts abound in other carts.

Recognize and Respond

Without even realizing it, we are in touch with those who are losing hope, especially as the holidays come near. Lets look around to see if we can come along side those who may need a boost.

  • As a person of faith, I pray that I might be made aware of needs and be in a place to meet them.
  • Show gratitude to others. It may be that boost when one is recognized that gives them hope. It also, will create that heart of thankfulness inside yourself
  • Demonstrate generosity. What gift is better than one which is truly needed by others.
  • Show hospitality. Loneliness can disappear at a holiday dinner table, at least for a time. Hope is found in community.
  • Be prepared to talk about the hope you have and maybe even the times when you came out of that hope.
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