Published: Friday, November 10, 2017

When Steve Ballmer stepped out on stage for his last all company event the place was electric.  He knew how to excite the crowd.  Emotions were stirred up. People were yelling, stomping, quite a few were crying as he charged the stage.  His goal was to tell people about the company he loved and poured his life into.  People who lead well figure out how to tap into the emotional well of those that follow them.  Here is one example to illustrate:

Creating excitement for a vision

Whenever a leader is casting vision, you can hear the passion in their voice.  It permeates our senses to know that there is a belief behind what they are saying. It shows up in their facial expressions.  They are trying to persuade others to see what they see. If they are successful they make evangelists of others about the vision.  Buy-in happens, people overcome great obstacles to achieve the vision that is laid out.  They are excited to pursue the vision.

Jesus give us such a great example of creating excitement as a leader.

  • Multitudes followed him where ever he went
  • After 2,000 years His Word is still being taught across the entire world
  • The Gospel vision is shared by Christians who become evangelists for the message of hope
  • Jesus was passionate, but more importantly compassionate for the world to come and know him
  • His words are plain, but persuasive

I am excited that Jesus, my leader, has persuaded me to believe in the eternal vision of being with him in heaven.