Doors of Opportunity Await

Published: Saturday, November 14, 2015

A joyous day for my daughter. Happy Birthday!

Today is a beautiful day for my daughter. The world is opening a door of opportunity by officially recognizing her as an adult. As a parent, I couldn’t be more proud to see the growth and maturity just blossom. I do believe there are few things in life that have such an impact as the recognition of adulthood. Along with the recognition comes a new sense of adventure, a new definition of responsibility, and an acute awareness of independence.

I have almost cried several times during today as I realize that she is stepping through the door of opportunity. Here are some of my thoughts about the opportunities that await her.

Seize the Opportunity

I just want to tell you daughter that new experiences await, but you must go to them. Don’t be satisfied with lounging away idly day after day. Moments are meant to be enjoyed, but after that enjoyment step through the next door that awaits. This is called growth.

There will be several doors for you to pick from in each step of the journey. Use discernment by diligently seeking God’s will on which one you will choose. You will step though several of the next doors of opportunity with cautiousness and I encourage you to do so, because behind each door is something unexpected. Sometimes crossing the threshold will immediately bring you to your knees from the pain. Understand there will be suffering. Get to the next door of opportunity as fast as you can and then learn from what you have felt, seen, and heard.

Many times you will have others to walk with through the opportunity doors. Make sure that they are of sound character and resolve. Be trusting and observant. Poor into the adventure together. When you find that faithful friend value them beyond any worldly riches. You will be blessed by others. There is a reason I gave you that specific book today.

Don’t forget the lessons of the past. Laugh a lot. Dance even more. Take moments captive and reflect on them in times of hardship. Use your experiences and your emotions to your advantage as you open the next door. Be intentional about your direction. Follow the North Star in your life. It has taken me way too long to find mine, so I encourage you to seek out the Light of the World to guide your way through each door.

I want you to know one thing. The door of your mom’s and my heart will be forever open and there is always a great opportunity to spend time with us.