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The Purpose Of Feedback

Published: Friday, December 11, 2015

Think of the purpose that this chandelier was made with.  Alexandrinsky Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia 

This was a poem I created a couple of years back around how we shape purpose in our lives.  Feedback becomes an essential component.  In the last few months, I really have been focused on getting clarity of purpose and have shared a lot of my thoughts to garner feedback.  It has been a very healthy and productive exercise.  Now when I read the words below, I am really encouraged that feedback is making me into a better person and one of purpose, leading a life that is of significance.  Let me know after reading your thoughts on feedback and purpose and how they fit together.

Energy, excitement, passion. Driving forces that accumulate in tiredness, disdain, and depression.

If there is no purpose.

One that embodies who you are, What you do, and the means of how you do it.

Purposes are meant to be shared, disseminated, and delineated. The dross needs to be identified, removed, to never be replaced.

Hidden purpose is no purpose at all, rather a reflection and reminder, a shield of protection of personal feelings or beliefs. It is the myopic representation of self, one that is void of creativity, creation, and the Creator.

Feedback refines the edges of purpose and clears away the rubble. It needs constant shaving to remove the stubble. Wrinkles accumulate by carving out imperfections, they are battle scars of ripeness.

Great purpose comes at high cost. It is paid with pain, discouragement, and tribulation. The reward is the accumulation without that a great loss. It is the sediment that creates the strong foundation, one that stands the tsunamis and twisters that reek desolation and despair.

Purpose without feedback is like building your house with straw or on sand easily . If we model the Creator, our success is at Hand.

I am designed for a purpose, one that my Maker has chosen. To sculpt it I must deliver my purpose

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