Taking Credit is Really Stealing

Published: Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Teams from over 80 countries competed. No individuals allowed

The project was a smashing success. John went up to receive the award that was given out at the company meeting. The applause was great and people were thrilled with the completion of such a complex project full of intricacies. This is the type of work that brought the company together. However, the people on his team were not cheering, but rather bitter and angry. They were not recognized, instead, they were dismissed when Johnny started to speak.

Johnny took all the credit.

What I am describing happens a lot in businesses, at home, or anywhere people work to achieve something. Johnny was actually a minor player on the team that delivered this great project. His role contributed to putting the spotlight on the hard work. For this he was recognized as “the face” of the project result.

Share the credit

Take a look at your surroundings today. Can you find one thing where an individual should get all the credit? Other than God, who created the whole world, I don’t believe such an individual exists that deserves credit. So what does that teach us:

  • Don’t take the credit for yourself. Start with acknowledging others who helped accomplish the great things. By giving credit to others first, you will find the magnitude of the work you are doing truly takes a team.
  • It takes a team to accomplish greatness. Don’t be a person that tries to deliver by yourself. It just doesn’t work. Find the best teammates to work with and share in the success.
  • Even the team doesn’t deserve all the credit. Think of your favorite sports team, then picture the fans at the arena or stadium. Then picture the people working at the stadium to give you a great experience.       Picture the league offices making the schedules.
  • Start with a mindset that credit is not the reward. This way you will be satisfied with the outcome whether or not somebody recognizes it or not. Credit is just the sprinkles on the icing on the cake.

How are you depositing credit in others? Be part of a team and don’t go it by yourself.