Published: Monday, November 20, 2017

This morning I am not content.  I feel I am behind on work, blog posts, and my sleep last night was not peaceful.  I am more anxious than satisfied, more restless than at peace.  It is this type of morning where I focus to reflect on God’s mercies which are new every day.  My lack of contentment is self imposed.  All my needs are taken care of.

Contentment is easy to find

Just make a list and start with the necessities. I am content because:

  1. My family is in good health
  2. I slept in a bed
  3. I ate a great Thanksgiving potluck at the church last night
  4. I have a job
  5. I am loved
  6. The Lord never gives us too much that we cannot bear it

I am now in a better place this morning with a changed heart.  I know that everything will work out for God’s will.  My challenge is to seek after those things that are noble today.  To look forward to a glorious day with a satisfied soul.