Choose Wisdom Over Folly

Published: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

True wisdom is knowing that we are in God's hands

Solomon recognized that wisdom is better than folly.  One definition of folly is a constructed building that has no purpose but for decoration.  What a shame it would be if our lives are only lived for decoration.  Let’s have our lives to be purposeful. 

Then I saw that there is more gain in wisdom than in folly, as there is more gain in light than in darkness.

Ecclesiastes 2:12 - 17 ESV - The Vanity of Living Wisely - So I - Bible Gateway

Solomon was lamenting that we all come to the same end whether we are just nonsensical or wise and prudent. There is no remembrance.  Let’s be generous, maybe other than out immediate grandchildren, no one will know what line of work we do, what we thought was valuable, who our friends are, etc.  Maybe if we write it all down.  Very few people impact the world with a legacy.  In 200 years when someone says “I have a dream” will Martin Luther King Jr. speech be readily recognizable?  How many American’s know all the presidents, leaders of the free world?  Two World Wars were fought and the majority of people in the US get the main countries that fought wrong.

Let us still choose wisdom.  It brings order, structure, and character.  God’s wisdom brings predictability, grace, and love.  How we live our lives impacts others.  WE know that the memories will fade in others when we are gone and eventually all will be forgotten.  However, we can understand that the pouring out of our souls into others directed by God will shape character, values, a nature of love, and empathy.  Don’t look for self-preservation, but rather a life spent on the pursuit of God that flows into others.