Choose Necessary Over Uncomfortable

Published: Saturday, November 21, 2015

Make sure that you watch out for the warning signs of being too comfortable.

I have been wearing eye glasses since I was a kid. They were the thick kind, with prisms and everything. I would break them, throw them, scratch them, and lose them all the time. I learned to compensate without them, one eye becoming weaker, the other more tired as it was being used more. I was never comfortable with wearing glasses early in my life, but now necessity has me wearing progressive bifocals. I remember the moment when I knew that I must always be wearing glasses. It was the day I couldn’t read the basketball score ticker.

“I ignored the necessary so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable”

The example above illustrates how many people know what is right and necessary, but will go out of their way to avoid embracing what should be done as it makes them uncomfortable. We enjoy comfort, no tension, and peace. However, it takes a certain amount of uncomfortableness to get us to grow and learn.

Signs you would rather be comfortable than embracing the necessary

  • You go with the voice of the crowd instead of expressing your opinion.       How many times have you sat in a meeting where you didn’t vote because you felt you were going to be the only one raising their hand. It is necessary to voice your opinion even when you differ. Just do it in a respectful way.
  • You have anxiety being out of your day to day environment. The world is drastically changing, and day to day environments are being turned upside down. For example, people are working out of coffee shops or at the beach, from 9pm to 4am, and need creative spaces in which to thrive. Are you willing to experience the new?
  • Change is a four letter word. Your motto is I have always done it this way just won’t fly anymore.       It is necessary to become innovate and disruptive, both related to self as well as business/work.

Necessary is when you no longer have a choice but to adopt or adapt. I have found that I am more uncomfortable about things the longer I take to embrace the necessary. As I look through my glasses, I realize how fuzzy things were for so long. I needed to reconcile with myself that being uncomfortable was only temporary and that now necessary come a lot sooner.