Building a Personal Scorecard

Published: Thursday, July 3, 2014

A local radio show this morning was having a conversation about using a scorecard for children’s behavior for parents. 

Green mean that all criteria had been met, Yellow that a good attempt had taken place, and Red that it was probably a bad day for Johnny.  Each color had a rewards or consequences section.

I began to wonder if a scorecard would make a difference or help me to change a behavior pattern that I am not doing so well in.

  • What would I measure?
  • How would I measure it?
  • Does it provide value?
  • Who would see it?

I started looking around for example on the internet only to find that nothing satisfied me visually.  I believe this is because if I build a scorecard for myself it will be just that personal.  Here are some things I might track if I decide to do this:

  • Self Empowerment - Am I learning and growing spiritually and keeping myself open and humble to affect all areas of my life?
  • Family Values - What did I do today to deepen my commitment to my family?
  • Work Effectiveness - Did the work I do today have impact on others?  If so how much?
  • External Relationships - How am I investing in others to change the world?

As I start to build out that scorecard, I am seeing a lot of red.  Time to focus on the things that will make it green.