An Abundant Mindset

Published: Sunday, November 15, 2015

Some of my favorite books growing up were encyclopedias. I remember looking at the 26 volumes and thinking about how the whole world was captured there. Jump forward 30+ years. Things have sure changed on what information is at our fingertips. But information is not knowledge, and by itself, the value is small. Combine information with our ability to think, understand, and act on it and the world can be changed.

The abundant fields of color. Tulip fields in Skagit Valley.

Information is everywhere and accessible at a button click. What is even more amazing is that you have information that is not available on the internet that others can benefit from. Earlier I said that by combining information can change the world. I will add that you must have an abundant mindset to make that happen.

Have an abundant mindset

A few years back I was convicted to start writing a blog and become part of the developer community. My first couple of attempts failed miserably because I was writing the blog so other could recognize me not so I could benefit others. I was looking at the glass half empty with a scarcity mindset. My intent was always to search for the viral article that would put me on the map.

Now I have an abundance mindset. I believe that what I have experienced and how I view the world may help someone else. I am humbled to apply value to others. I am looking to take on the information that I find valuable and infuse it with my experiences. I am then turning around and sharing out how the information has benefited my corner of the world. If I can create a growth moment in even one person, the time I spend sharing is well worth it. By sharing with others, I can refine my thinking with the critique, praise, and objections of an entire world.

With the abundance mindset, I can:

  • Be a mentor
  • Add value to a conversation
  • Encourage continual learning
  • Be a change agent by giving my best to others instead of keeping for myself

Do you have an abundant mindset today? Is your glass half full or empty?