Published: Saturday, November 4, 2017

The dictionary shows the following synonyms for amaze:

Astonish, astound, surprise, stun, stupefy, awe.

But beware of the trap.  People are often amazed by the superficial, the crowd favorite, the unique, or obscure.  We miss out on the truly amazing that many times is mundane, common place, or steady.  Great leaders don’t work to amaze, but rather to take on the tough issues.  There solutions may seem extraordinary, but they are built on blood, sweat, and tears.  Great works are forged through collaboration, and persistence.  Here are some leadership examples which amaze me:

Leaders investing time in others

Leaders invest in people so that they can get an exponential return to further whatever endeavor they are working on. Sometimes, they invest for the sole purpose of growing people.  This investment can be:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Wisdom
  • Serving
  • And the list goes on.

This generosity of spirit is what makes people so amazed with these investments.  Do you remember the time when you were invested in and how grateful you were?

Leaders don’t need to amaze the crowds

Actions are louder than words for the excellent leader.  Empathy for others becomes the mission, not fanfare for self-promotion.  Many times Jesus asked people not to proclaim the miracle.  He withdrew from crowds.  He did not seek the fame, fortune, or high places of this world.  Rather Jesus died on a cross to redeem those who believe in Him.  I THINK THIS IS AMAZING!