Attracting a Team to Achieve A Dream

Published: Thursday, November 19, 2015

Each of us has a dream. For many of us it is tucked inside our hearts and minds. For others, the dream is at the forefront of their lives. Some have already started working on their dream to make it a reality. The fantastic idea, the futuristic vision, and the passion to solve a need must have a team greater than 1.

It takes a team working together to pull across the finish line

Many dreams fall short of where they could be because they are pursued as a team of one. There is only so far one can get on talent alone. Soon the roadblocks are upon you. You have only a limited amount of capacity. There is no one to turn to for advice on a hard question or problem. Eventually you become overwhelmed.

The good news? Teams can come to the rescue. But first you have to build one.

4 ways to build a dream team

There are several factors that are involved with building a team. Here are four that I believe you must do to get a team onboard to accomplish the dream set before you:

  • Share your dream with others. This is one of the most powerful ways to begin building your team.  When you share, other people are informed and will:
    • Jump on board to participate with you in some capacity.
    • Connect you to others that they know who might help in achieving your dream.
    • Be a sounding board for your dream. Dreams are big, they require input to fuel direction and momentum. People are usually willing to share their opinions. I call this mining for information gold. So let them talk and listen carefully.
  • Seek out people who have different strengths than you. We can’t do everything. We only do a few things well. Ask people to be on your team that have strengths that are different than yours.
  • Only bring on members that are going to invest. This may seem obvious, however, a lot of times we bring on people who become dead weight or a hindrance to achieving our dream on teams. Your dream will only go as far as your weakest link.
  • Invest in your team. Figure out what their dreams are and pour into those also. By knowing their aspirations, you will gain empathy, celebrate successes, and learn abundantly.

Getting your dream going requires more than yourself. Teams exponentially help you progress in your dream. Rely on others and build a team that can take your dream farther. What are you waiting for?