A good cup of coffee @ 4 am

Published: Monday, October 25, 2021

Coffee is good any time of the day, not just 4 am

Sometimes it is the small things in life delivered at the right time that bring joy. I thought at first it was the cup of coffee I just made, but then realized it is the intricacies of that cup of coffee that God has paid so much attention to.

  • The Smell: The grinding of beans, brewing of the espresso and the aroma as I am about to take a sip
  • The Sound: Nothing like hearing hte espresso as it finishes with what sounds like a sigh of great work being done
  • The Touch: Warmth, comfort, and coziness are one way to describe the coffee as I hold it in my hands
  • The Sight: Velvety brown froth mixed in with wisps of heavy cream
  • The Taste: It all comes together. Today is one of chocolate and lemon hints with some sweetener

All the senses are brought into play. God gave us those senses to have amazing experiences all the time. His orchestration has brought joy into my life experience.