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Most of my technology content here is from the Microsoft stack. I do find that most of the blogs, however, focus on the higher order abstraction of designs, strategy, and key insights in the software engineering space. I may mix in other content, such as articles and podcasts. I will keep updating every so often and share out as appropriate.

Morning Dew By Alvin Ashcraft

Alvin Ashcraft

One of my favorite aggregator blogs. Mostly .Net related, but with great content in Design / Methodology areas

Build 5 Nines

Chris Pietschmann

Great content on Azure, DevOps, and other Microsoft related topics

Duncan Mackenzie

Duncan Mackenzie

Duncan is a great guy, and has a lot of great content on his blog. He was my manager at Microsoft for a while, and is doing great things in other places.

Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman

I have learned a lot from Scott over the years. Check out his blog for great content on .Net, Azure, and other Microsoft related topics.

Creating passionate users

Kathy Sierra

Maybe my all time favorite content. I brush up on different articles in this blog every few months.